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Nigel Fernandez

302 Nigel Fernandez is a Graduate Student Instructor with the Michigan Marching Band and is pursuing a Master of Music Degree in Percussion Performance from the University of Michigan.  Nigel’s main responsibilities include teaching, arranging, and traveling with the Michigan Drumline.

While earning his Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Nigel also served the local community as a percussion source for education and performance.  In addition to marching snare drum with the Longhorn Band, Nigel has performed with the University of Texas Wind Ensemble, World Class WGI group Timber Creek Independent, the Army All-American Marching Band, the Epoch Percussion Quartet, and Density512.  He has worked as a percussion instructor for McCallum High School, Crockett High School, and Hendrickson High School where he helped cultivate creativity and ingenuity in students.