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Join The Band

The Michigan Marching Band is open to all UM students including Dearborn and Flint.  If you are a transfer student or current UM student as well as an incoming freshman you are welcome to audition for the Band.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Michigan Marching Band we encourage you to  sign-up as a prospective member


Below you will find audition information for each section of the Michigan Marching Band. 

    PERCUSSION       FLAG       TWIRLER        BRASS & WOODWIND                   

All Michigan Marching Band Members are required to attend Band Week in late August.


All percussion must contact Percussion Instructor Chuck Ricotta ( as soon as possible, prior to Orientation. The Michigan Drumline will be determined during Band Week in August. but you can begin drumming with prospective and returning members during Winter Semester Drum Tech rehearsals and spring/summer Drumline Camps. The camps, especially, are essential to your preparation to join the drumline. Camp schedule information



All incoming flag members must contact flag instructor Joan Noble-Pruett ( as soon as possible, prior to Orientation. The Michigan Flagline will be determined during Band Week in August, but you can begin spinning with prospective and returning members during spring/summer Flag Camps. These will help you prepare to audition.



All interested incoming twirlers must submit requested materials by March 31st. Materials must include: headshot, links of unedited YouTube videos of competition/high school twirling (if possible with band accompaniment), twirling resume, and references (including twirling coach). All materials should be sent to Dr. Pasquale (



Brass & Woodwind Auditions must be completed by July 31st.

Incoming Freshman:  will audition on the 3rd day of their Summer Orientation and are notified of the results on August 1.  If your Summer Orientation date is after July 31st, please contact Revelli Hall to obtain alternate audition information.

Current UM Students: should attend the Spring Meeting.  If you cannot attend the meeting contact Revelli Hall to obtain alternate audition information.

Transfer students:  should attend the Spring Meeting or contact Revelli Hall to schedule an audition time before July 31st.


  1. Chromatic scale of at least two octaves – demonstrate range
  2. 1 minute of prepared music – solo or etudes that include contrasting styles: legato, lyrical as well as faster, more technical passages

Prepared music may come from the same piece or two different pieces, demonstrating beauty of tone, phrasing & musicality, and technical ability.

We recommend that you prepare a “classical” selection (something that you might play at solo & ensemble festival), but you are welcome to choose whatever you believe will best demonstrate your abilities.

We encourage you to play your audition on whichever instrument you feel most comfortable, Marching or Concert.